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Biltmore Challenge Endurance Ride

3 and 4 May 2024

Entry Information:
the Biltmore Challenge is a pre-entry and pre-pay ride

coming to Biltmore
ENTRY FORMS / PAYMENT:  Pre-entry is required (including entry fee payment).  For open AERC riders, entry form is here. BUT please do on-line entry at this site and pay by credit card. Note: on-line entry is preferred because of more accurate record keeping AND if you should need a refund, it is easier and quicker (somehow, once on-line entry is available, check-based refunds are taking two months). If you wish to use paper, send the entry form including the signed waiver with your entry fees. Note that the entry fee schedule is on the entry form. All final payments are due by April 26 (closing date).  That is, any entry not paid by April 26 is accepted only at management discretion (not guaranteed).  Any entry not paid, but accepted at management discretion after April 26 will be subject to a $40 late entry penalty. 

Fees are fully refundable with notice received before close of business, April 28; less $50 prior to April 30; 50% thereafter until arrival on premises. Once on site, refunds will be dictated by circumstances. As an example, if on site but not yet vetted, if a rider chooses not to ride, a 30% refund will be provided. Once a rider vets in (whether or not passes vetting), all entry fees are the ride's.

Non-AERC member riders must pay day fee of $20.  

***** The Biltmore Challenge is a pre-entry and pre-pay ride.  ***** 

Please send a copy of the Coggins current through May 5, 2024 ahead of time.  Electronically  works best (email a copy, email a scan, email a photo).


1. Crew: Each 25, 30, 50 and 55 mile ride-day of entry fees covers one crew length of stay. So riding two days gets two crew. 75-mile and 100-mile entries get 2 crew for that day's distance.

2. Camping: Nominally, three nights of camping are included in a ride fee. If the horses in your rig plan on multiple days competition, up to four nights camping are included in two days ride fees. For example, horse 1 in the rig goes Friday and horse 2 goes Saturday, camping from Wednesday through Saturday night are covered.

Questions?  Call Cheryl Newman at 828-665-1531 or email the Ride Manager for trail or AERC questions; or Biltmore Equestrian Center for stalls / paddocks / site info, phone 828-225-1454.

AHA REGION 12 100-MILE CHAMPIONSHIP 2024, Competition 241216229:  The 100-mile ride is co-sanctioned by the Arabian Horse Association (AHA) as the Region 12 100-mile Championship Ride for 2024. It requires an additional, separate entry (here) and has qualifications, but no entry fees. Horse must be registered with AHA or Canadian equivalent. Rider and owner must both be current competition members of AHA. To qualify, a horse must have successfully completed at least 100 lifetime miles of endurance competition, of which up to 50 miles may be earned in an AHA Regional or National Championship Competitive Trail Ride .

ECAHS Awards: In addition, the Eastern Crabbett Arabian Horse Society (ECAHS) is supporting (lovely!) neck ribbons in each ride for the best Crabbett-certified Arabian finishing. Certification is a nominal fee, and only needs to be done once for a horse. So get 'er done! Entry by April 28 is required.

TEAM COMPETITION: Assuming we have the team competitions, open to ALL riders on BOTH days, all distances. Teams are of 4 rider-horse combinations (one rider per horse) at the same distance.   At least 2 full teams must be entered for the team competition at each distance.   At least three horse and rider combinations on a team must go the entire distance.   The top three finishing times for the team count towards awards.  

This is a good opportunity to practice team riding....   Check out how strategy and opportunities change in this environment!   Entry at ride registration, no additional fees. 

Choose your team -- riders entered will be posted as of April 28: 

Friday 25 mile riders -- are here
Friday 50 mile riders -- are here
Saturday 30 mile riders -- are here
Saturday 55 mile riders -- are here
Saturday 75 mile riders --are here
Saturday 100 mile riders --are here

AWARDS: Completion awards for all riders.  Top 10, Best Condition and 1st-to-Finish Awards. Team awards as sponsored.  Other awards as sponsored.


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