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Biltmore Challenge Endurance Ride

3 and 4 May 2024

Camping and Directions

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GENERAL CAMP INFORMATION: Camping is primitive in large open pastures.  Corrals are limited to 15 by 15 (225 sq ft) per horse.  No camper hook-ups; city water at hydrants; Portajons.  Open fires are prohibited; charcoal grills OK.  Dogs MUST be ON LEASH at all times when you are around and confined (not tied) when you are not around.  Motels / restaurants within 2 miles.  Prices may change, but in 2024: Biltmore Equestrian Center has 6 stalls @ $50/day; some large paddocks at $30 / day / horse about 1/2 mile from main camp; other paddocks at $50 / day / horse adjacent to camp; and 4 pipe pens at $20 / horse / day.  All are on first-call-to-reserve basis.  The Biltmore Equestrian Center phone is:  828 225 1454. 

Camp opens on Wednesday, May 1.  If you plan to arrive earlier, please indicate on entry form and be prepared to pay extra camping and trail fees.  Camping for three nights is included in the entry (two pre-ride; and night of ride day). Extra camping sites are $30/rig/night, but are restricted to the overflow camping field.

All entry and exit will be through the MAIN GATE of Biltmore Estate (staffed 24 hrs).

If you have people coming associated with you (e.g., crew), please note names of those people on entry form.  All people entering must have names registered at the main gate.  This can be done via notifying the ride manager (email, voice mail) up through May 1; after that, through the Biltmore Equestrian Center (828 225 1454).

In general, put your horse's manure in a shared pile (with your neighbors). Hay, same deal.

Since parking is very limited, possibly up to three horses are expected to share a site.  And ALL the associated aspects are expected to fit into that site.  That includes all vehicles, camping paraphenalia, etc etc.  Failure to adhere to this will result in re-location, potentially of everything, to sites sufficiently far away that angst among other competitors will be minimized.  The re-siting will be at the discretion of the parking stewards. Extra camp sites may be available in the overflow camping field for $30/rig/night.

HORSE HEALTH AND SAFETY: Negative Coggins test within 12 months required. At the risk of sounding paranoid, please do not let your horse get cozy with non-co-stabled horses. Keep your fencing at least 8 feet away from any other's fencing (social distancing). Consider vaccinating your horses for things that we know we have around here or come with horses traveling: (1) rabies; (2) flu; (3) rhino (equine herpesvirus); (4) equine encephalomyelitis (EEE, WEE); (5) strangles; (6) Potomac horse fever; (7) tetanus; (8) west nile virus; (9) Lyme disease.

"Waiting in Line" photo courtesy of Nancy MacDonald.

waiting in line

DIRECTIONS TO CAMP: If approaching Asheville from the EAST on I-40, take Exit 50B, US 25 NORTH.  Follow signs to entrance to Biltmore Estate, turning right off exit ramp and moving into the LEFT lane to prepare for the turn into Estate Entrance.  
If approaching Asheville from the WEST on I-40, take Exit 50, turn LEFT off the exit ramp at the light, following signs to Biltmore Estate Main Entrance.  Stay in the left lane after your merge into traffic.
If approaching Asheville from the SOUTH on I-26, continue to the junction with I-40 EAST.  After you get on I-40, take Exit 50 and follow directions as above.
If approaching Asheville from the NORTH on I-26, pick up I-240 EAST, to I-40 WEST, take Exit 50B, US 25 NORTH, and follow directions as above.
After you pass through the first archway (Lodge Gate), continue to bear left to go past the Ticket Booth.  Follow the signs for "Horse Event" (or for BEC), going past Deer Park Restaurant; continue just past turn into Deer Park to STOP sign where you turn left and continue to next STOP sign (2 miles from ticket booth).  Turn left again.  Continue on the road for 1.5 miles. 

You come to a large stone bridge that you cross and go straight onto gravel road, which will bear right, allowing turn for large trailers. Once you reach the River Rd (still on gravel), turn left and proceed upstream about a mile to camp.

Note:  Once within the Estate, watch for oncoming traffic and stay well to the right side of road. 

Note:  to exit, undo how you came in up to the ticket booth, turn left, then follow Exit signs. 


==> Site logistics: in general, put horses next to trailers, not behind. Back the trailer to within 8 feet of a fence, if applicable.


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2024 DETAIL PLAN FOR VETTING AREA / HOME CAMP  (available here): Note: for 2024, we plan on using BOTH the arena (for nighttime trot outs) and the outside grassy area (for daytime trot outs). 




Places to Stay:  Asheville has many convenient places to stay for those who do not wish to camp.  Those convenient to the ride site include the following (roughly in order of proximity of access to the ride site):

Village Hotel:  on Biltmore Estate:  a high-end moderate experience.  For reservations, go to the web site or call 1 800 411 3812.  Some amount of discount will apply.   We anticipate the Village Hotel will book up early for the weekend of the Biltmore Challenge so reservations should be made early.

Inn at Biltmore:  for a Vanderbilt-level hospitality, try the Inn at Biltmore, in the Estate grounds.  For reservations, go to the web site or call 1 800 411 3812.   

Grand Bohemian:  right outside the main entrance to the Biltmore Estate, this hotel is quite convenient.11 Boston Way, Asheville, NC  28803;  (828) 505-2949.

Hampton Inn and Suites: about 1/2 mile outside the main entrance to the Biltmore Estate, also quite convenient. 117 Hendersonville Rd, Asheville, NC  28803; Phone (828) 277-1800.

Baymont Inn:  about 1/2 mile outside the main entrance to the Biltmore Estate, also quite convenient.  204 Hendersonville Rd, Asheville, NC 28803; Phone: (828) 274-2022

DoubleTree:  about 1/2 mile outside the main entrance to the Biltmore Estate, also quite convenient.  115 Hendersonville Road, Asheville, North Carolina, 28803;  Phone: (828) 274-1800.

Clarion Inn:  about 1/2 mile outside the main entrance to the Biltmore Estate, also quite convenient.  234 Hendersonville Rd, Asheville, NC 28803; Phone: (828) 274-0101.

Willow Winds Cabins:  about a mile from the main entrance to the Biltmore Estate.  Choices of one, two or three bedroom cabins. Each is beautifully decorated and fully furnished, including a private porch or deck, wood burning fireplace, hot tub and numerous other amenities.  39 Stockwood Road Ext., Asheville, NC 28803; Phone Toll Free (800) 235-2474, Local (828) 277-3948.

Useful shopping -- see the map with high level directions.  Food, diesel and gas, Walmart, camping gear (REI).

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