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Biltmore Challenge 2015

May 1-2, 2015

Remembering Anne Ayala, Oct 16, 1940 - Dec 27, 2012:  AERC has passed the motion to name the AERC Junior scholarship for Anne Ayala.  In the future it will be called the Anne Ayala Young Rider Scholarship.  Please send contributions for for this very worthy cause in Anne's name to AERC (PO Box 6027, Auburn, CA  95604)!  The Biltmore Challenge has created a special Anne Ayala Biltmore Pardner’s award for the horse / rider combination completing this year who has the most completed miles together at the Biltmore Challenge.

May 1-2, 2015:  all rides are recognized / sanctioned with AERC; SERA; SEDRA; ECTRA; AHA


==> Friday:  25-mile LD, 55 miles, 75 miles; FEI/FEI-YJR 1*, 2*;  Note:  75-mile 2*/2*YJ on Friday is a Team Trial for the US teams to the 2015 PanAm, Sr and YJ; and to the 2015 YJ Worlds

==> Saturday:  30-mile LD, 50 miles, 75 miles, 100 miles; FEI/FEI-YJR 1*, 2*, 3*; Note:  100-mile is AHA Region XII Championship


bill's fieldThe Biltmore Equestrian Center, located on the grounds of George Vanderbilt’s historic Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC, will host the twenty-second annual Biltmore Challenge Endurance Rides on:  May 1 and 2, 2015.  

2015:  we are offering two days of competition:
==>  Friday, 1 May: 25-mile LD, 55 miles, 75 miles
==>   Saturday, 2 May: 30-mile LD, 50 miles, 75 miles, 100 miles

All riders will be entered in the AERC Open category. 

Riders will have the option to enter the FEI (open FEI and Junior / Young Rider FEI) rides (AERC paper entry; separate USEF paper release and on-line entry through USEF required) with additional qualifications and rules.  Friday's CEI 2* / 2* YJ event will also be a Team Trial for choosing the US horses and riders for the Pan Am Championship in Canada in August and for the fall 2015 Young Rider World Endurance Championship in Chile. 

Riders will also have the option to enter the AHA rides -- local ride competitions at LD, 55,  and 75 miles, and Region XII AHA Championship at 100 miles.  Separate AHA entry required.  AHA entries have additional qualifications and rules.

General Conditions:  Built in 1895, the Estate trails promise a challenging ride along the French Broad River and over rolling hills and low mountains.  We recommend that all horses have hoof protection, and in the 75 and 100 mile distances, think about padding.  Breast collars/cruppers may be helpful.  Each loop will circle back to a central vetting area adjacent to the main camping area.  Weather is somewhat unpredictable in early May, but it is usually humid with temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s.

Team Competitions !  The Biltmore Challenge will also host team competitions, open to all riders within the 100-mile, 75-mile, 50-mile AERC competitions on Saturday (not Friday).  At least two full teams within the same distance are required to have team competition awards.  Form your own team of four riders, with time for the top three finishers on each team counting towards awards.  This is a good opportunity to practice team riding....   Check out how strategy and opportunities change in this environment! 

Controlled Entry to Biltmore Estate.  As part of the need for security on the Estate, and to provide a more official mode of access for attendees to the Estate grounds, names are provided for a list used by the front gate guards for initial entry (the "Gate List").  Subsequent re-entry will be via wristbands available at the ride site.  Entry for one named crew member is covered as part of the ride entry fees.   On the Estate, including at the ride site, colored wristbands will be required to be worn as visible proof of permission.
Additional entry permits may be purchased for each additional named crew members for $25 each. 
Note:  children 16 and under are free, but must still have their names on the "Gate List" and wear the wristbands.

NOTE:  Stalls, pens, paddocks rented from BEC are fully booked for this event already (mid-March).


Mountain Farrier Service, Jeff Pauley owner, will be the ride farrier.   They will be on the grounds during the rides Friday and until 6-7 pm  Saturday.  To make an appointment in advance, please call Jeff at 828 712 2343.   Jeff's associates include John Arndt.

Human Body Therapy:
Nancy MacDonald will be the human massage therapist on the grounds. Nancy is a certified neuromuscular therapist, licensed massage and bodywork therapist, nationally certified therapeutic massage and bodywork therapist.  To make an appointment with Nancy, call her at 828 225 5022 or email her at

Horse Body Therapy:

Lelia Canter will be the equine body worker on the grounds.  Lellia is experienced in multiple equine therapies, including myofascial and red light.  To make an appointment with Lelia, call her at 828 380 0982 or email her at

AERC Ride Information Summary is here

The FEI Definite Schedule is here.   Note:  this will be updated late in March with minor revisions to trail distances.

Note:  Most photographs for the web site have been generously contributed by Genie Stewart-Spears and Becky Pearman


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